Alphabet Dating Ideas to do in London

Alphabet Dating Ideas

Date night ideas have become a staple of romantic life. Finding date ideas in London is simple, with some having 68 fun ideas to choose from. We love to have dinner with our partners on special occasions. The dates are not always available and sometimes repeat dates are not exciting.

Having a handy list of fun things to do in different letters will give you a date night to remember. This list will help you focus more on spending time together. This article will show you how to use a-z dating ideas to make your upcoming date night intimate and memorable.

A is for Afternoon Tea

The tradition of afternoon tea dates is a British staple. It is a time for relaxation, reflection, and reminiscence. A date at the tea house is one of the best ways to get to know someone better or have fun.

B is for Boat Trip Date Night

A boat trip is one of the most romantic date ideas for couples. The Thames Dinner Cruise is the perfect setting for a unique date while watching the sun go. It’s an intimate and luxurious way to enjoy the city from the water, with plenty of opportunities to see iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral.

C is for Climbing

Climbing is a great date idea for those who are adventurous and looking for physical activity. Many climbing gyms, like the Clip ‘n Climb in Chelsea, offer different climbing, from bouldering to rope climbing.

D is for Dessert

It is always a good idea to end a meal with dessert. If you are looking for something more adventurous, it is always a great idea to try one pudding at the Basement Sate in London. And if you are feeling extra daring, order a prosecco with your date!

E is for Escape Room

Escape rooms make for the perfect way to spend time with your partner while also exercising your brain. There are different escape rooms, some of which have specific themes like Sherlock Holmes or Alice in Wonderland. If you want to try it out for yourself but don’t know where to go, we recommend checking out Escape London‘s website for its wide variety of escape room choices.

F is for Farm Date in London

Farm Date

Farm dates are a fresh and interesting date idea. Hackney City Farm is one quirky date spot and a great place to be one with nature. Some activities are available, such as pottery, woodworking, and art classes where you can learn how to make cool projects. It is divided into sections, with the orchard area containing most fruit-bearing trees like apples and plums.

G is for God’s Own Junkyard

God’s Own Junkyard is the perfect place for a date. You can find the junkyard in Walthamstow, North East London. It’s not too far from the tube station, so it’s easy for people to get there. When you walk into the junkyard, you will be greeted by these large neon lights hanging from the ceiling and lots of interesting things on display throughout the warehouse.

H is for Hot Tub Date Idea

Hot Tub is the perfect date idea for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a date night. You can enjoy some bubbly in the hot tub whilst enjoying the scenery of London. It is also perfect for group date nights while having some cocktails in the middle of the Regents canal.

I is for Insects

Archipelago is an insect-based restaurant in London that is waiting to take you on a sensory dining experience. You can try a variety of exotic dishes like crocodile curry or python carpaccio. They are also famous for their perfect date night dish, the “Love Bug” salad, which consists of mealworms and crickets.

J is for Jazz

Try jazz for a fancy going dream date. It’s a more intimate, old-school atmosphere perfect for a romantic evening. The Piano Bar in Soho got you covered with their live music every night of the week.

K is for Karaoke

Karaoke is a great way to enjoy singing and listening to tunes together. It is also a cool way to channel your inner performer and can be a way to relax together. You can sing any song you like, as many songs are available in karaoke libraries.

L is for Lobster London Date

Lobster has been considered an expensive dish for a long time, and it is not something people typically order for dinner. Burger & Lobster is a restaurant and bar that offers lobster rolls, perfect for a quick lunch. CLAW also has a wide array of lobster dishes.

M is for Museum

Alphabet Dating Ideas

Museums are a great way to spend time with your loved one. They are both educational and entertaining. You can see art or learn about history and culture. You can also enjoy the quiet of the museum while doing something you both enjoy.

N is for Netflix and Chill

Sometimes the best idea is to stay in for the night and watch Netflix with your partner. It’s a great way to spend a night at home together if you’re both into classic films and TV shows.

O is for Opera Date Night

Opera is a sophisticated, classic idea when it comes to date night. You can dress up for a night at the opera and enjoy an evening of beautiful music. There are many performances to choose from, and the themes of these operas vary from comedic to dramatic.

P is for a Picnic Date in London

A picnic is a great date idea for when the weather is nice outside. It’s a simple way to spend quality time together in nature, requiring minimal planning. You can pitch a picnic in any outdoor area, in parks around the UK, or in your backyard. You can even do activities like ping pong or frisbee.

Q is for Quiz

A quiz can be played in teams or individually at a games night and can be either general knowledge or focused on a specific topic. A trip to your local pub for their quiz night is a great option whether you want an evening out or just want to have some fun at home.

R is for Roast Date Night

Why not consider going to a restaurant if you’re looking for a date night spot? It’s a great date idea. One such restaurant is the Paternoster Chop House, famously known as the First Dates restaurant. They offer a hearty roast dinner paired with a bottomless red wine.

S is for Skating

Alphabet Dating Ideas

Skating is a great way to spend a winter date, whether you’re good at skating. With skating rinks, you can also go even in the summer. Alexandra Palace is one of the best places to go skating as it has an open ice rink all year round, with free skate hire available on Fridays and Saturdays.

T is for Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a game where you find a hidden object or solve a series of puzzles. It’s an intriguing idea for a date and can be quite challenging and exciting at the same time. Breadcrumbs’ treasure hunt app will take care of all the planning and logistics of organising the date and sending out clues to find the prize.

U is for Underground Date in London

The London Underground is a hotspot for discovering new bars and restaurants, museums, and other fascinating spots in the city, perfect for your next date.

V is for Vintage Shopping

Vintage shopping is one of the fun date ideas for those who want to bring back a bit of nostalgia. There are many vintage shops in London, with some of the most popular ones located on Brick Lane. Camden Market is also good to explore because it has many stalls with other vintage items.

W is for Whisky Date in London

Mac & Wild, a Scottish whisky bar in London and Edinburgh, is the perfect place to go on a date. There is an intimate atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re the only two people in the world. Their dans le noir experience will make you appreciate your whisky in complete darkness.

X is for Xbox Date Night

Playing video games on your Xbox together is a fun way to spend time with your significant other that doesn’t have to cost a lot. It can be a great excuse to stay at home or a way to add a bit of fun on your Friday night when you are not feeling like going out.

Y is for Yoga

Alphabet Dating Ideas

Yoga is a great way to connect with your partner and have a date night. It is a favourite date night if you are looking for an exercise that is sure to get you to feel relaxed and refreshed. Two people can do some poses at once, making them perfect for couples yoga!

Z is for Zipwire

If you’re looking for something a little different, this is the perfect one. Zipwire dates are becoming increasingly popular as they offer an adrenaline rush and a new experience for any couple that dares to take it on.


Date ideas are not always easy to come up with, and you want to do something exciting and romantic. With this a-z of dates, you can pick something that excites you both.

  • Spend time together: Go on a picnic or visit a museum
  • Bonding: Do pottery or an art project together
  • Unique: Visit a wine bar or brewery and try different wines or beers
  • Exciting: Go climbing or try Zipwire
  • Fresh: Visit vintage shops or try escape rooms

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Where can I go on a lazy date?

A lazy date is a fun, chill alternative to the traditional first date. It’s a great way to get to know someone and spend time together in a low-pressure environment. You can go to the nearest park and watch the sunset. You can also visit your favourite ice cream spot for dessert.

Where should I not take a girl on a first date?

If you want to take a girl on a first date, you must know where to go. It is not as easy as it sounds. There are many people who have the wrong idea about what this first date is all about. The first date is not about going for a fancy dinner or an expensive night out at the club. You want to show her you are interested and care about her.

Where can I meet people to date in London?

London is a city where people are constantly on the go. From work to socialising, Londoners always look for new and exciting ways to meet people. Meetups are a great way to meet new people if you like the same stuff as them. If you have friends who live in London, ask them if they know any good places where they usually hang out. There are also many dating apps out there that might be perfect for your needs.

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