Date Ideas for The Perfect Picnic In London

With the sun shining and life getting a little closer to normal, it’s time to start planning a romantic picnic date! A picnic is the perfect outdoor date because it’s fun, easy to plan, and doesn’t have to be a big deal. All you need is a blanket and bring your food and drinks.

Here’s everything you need to know to impress your date on a picnic like a pro.

Picnic In London

Choose the best place for a picnic

It’s where you have your picnic. It’s England, so light rain in the summer is nothing unusual. This is why it’s always a good idea to pick a picnic spot near a shelter. Here’s how to decide where to go on a date.

What should I bring to a picnic for two people?

The first thing you should do is ask your date if they have any food allergies. Few things can ruin a date, like a medical emergency, so ask ahead of time if they are allergic to nuts, gluten, or any other allergens you might pack.

Also, no one needs utensils, so there will be no awkward moments at lunch when people try not to drop their forks and knives while trying not to drop their food.

Remember the plates, napkins, and cutlery. Try to avoid ones made of paper or plastic. You can find adorable picnic sets online.

Types Of Picnics And Best Spots

Your perfect place is one where you can watch a lot of people. You may want a place with a great view of the city or the countryside. Or you might want to enjoy the nice weather or go on a double date. Here are some great places to have a picnic to help you find the perfect spot. Local picnic

Every place has a favourite place to have a picnic. Find a good time to go to your popular local spot and enjoy it.

Beautiful spot in nature

One of the best dates was a hike through the Rocky Mountains to a beautiful waterfall where you could have a picnic dinner. Getting to see such a unique and beautiful view was worth the hike.

Beach Picnic

Beach picnics seem to go together. Getting dinner, going to the beach for a romantic picnic, and walking at sunset are unique things to do.

Picnic In London

Location with a nice view

Some people are lucky enough to live near the ocean or in the Rocky Mountains. But no matter where you live, you’re never far from a beautiful place. A picnic is a great way to see the city lights on a date. You might live close to a lake or a canal/riverside. There are many good options and places to find a nice view to set the mood. It’s also worth venturing out to find these idyllic locations.

Botanical garden

Why not take your picnic in nature to the next level by going to the botanical gardens in your area for a romantic date night?

Romantic Sunset Picnic

This is one of the couple’s favourite things to do on a date when the weather is nice. Find a place where it’s easy to watch the sunset and plan your date so you can enjoy every minute of the sunset.

Getting picnic tables set up

Your local park probably has a great picnic table setup that makes having a picnic easier and cleaner. We recommend reserving a table with your local parks to ensure you get a great spot and a little privacy.

Rooftop party

Guess where one of the most common places to propose is? You’re right if you said roofs. This can happen in many places, but a rooftop makes it more romantic.

Backyard picnic

Who said you need to pack up and go far? A backyard is an excellent place for a picnic date, and you don’t have to worry about carrying all of your food.

Car Picnic

During the pandemic, we learned how fun a picnic in the car could be. These helped us get out of the house for a date night when we couldn’t find a babysitter. This was a fun way to feel like we were out while still next to the baby monitor.

Feast in the living room

Even when the weather isn’t great, having a picnic inside is still a great idea! Most couples love taking dinner to the living room and eating on a blanket. This is usually done every time a couple watches a movie, and it never gets old.

What should I bring to a picnic with my date?

How To Get Rid Of Bees, Which Are Unwelcome Guests

One of the worst things about summer is all the unwelcome pests who come out to play. One of these is bees. They won’t leave you alone sometimes, but you don’t want to cause a scene on your first date. So, here’s how to get away from a bee attack as elegantly as possible.

Now picture what’s happening. The sun is shining, you are holding your favourite drink, you look great, music is playing, and you’re laughing. Surprisingly, everything is going well. Then you hear it buzzing around your ears.


If dinner and a movie weren’t the classic go-to date, a picnic would be next! And there’s a good reason! There are so many cute ideas for picnic dates. Some are even budget-friendly! It’s a great way to spend quality time together, spice up your relationship, and get closer. It might be the best way to enjoy a meal in a warm setting that makes people want to talk and sparks romance.

You’ll need to get everything from sandwiches and salads to wine and champagne. If this event lasts all day, don’t forget to bring snacks and entertainment.


What snacks should I bring to a picnic?

If you want to bring snacks to a picnic, try packing:

What about beverages?

Is a picnic a good date idea?

A picnic is the perfect outdoor date because it’s fun, easy to set up, and doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a blanket and bring your food and drinks.