Car Date Ideas In London – That You’ll Surely Love!

People had to be resourceful when coming up with new creative date ideas rising out of the 2020 pandemic. All the stores and restaurants closed, and people were forced to stay away from each other, so they didn’t have many choices. Car dates have always been a thing, but they were less formal and more laid-back.

It has become the new norm and is getting increasingly popular as a day date or date night idea. A stay-at-home date might be getting old, so why not go somewhere outside the house where the two of you can be alone?

If you’re going on a date and don’t know what to do, here are some things you can do.

Car Date Ideas

1. Drive-in movie

Going to a drive-in movie is the best kind of car date. There aren’t that many drive-in theatres left, but it’s a great place to go if you live near one. At least once in your life, you should go to experience it.

Because of the pandemic, there have been more drive-ins. It’s a great way to go out and do something while keeping your distance from other people. You can see a lot more than just movies these days. There are now comedy shows that you can watch from your car and even a few concerts. You can turn a fun event into a private show by sitting in your car.

2. A Day Trip to Nowhere

Have you ever played the “heads or tails” game with a car? This is when you don’t have a plan or know where you’re going. You start with a coin that you flip every time you come to a choice. Heads tell you to turn right, and tails tell you to turn left. Pick a number at the start of the day trip, and wherever you land is where you set up your car date!

3. See the city

Spend the night exploring your city like a tourist. Make a list of the perfect places you must see, and then drive around to see them. There may be a lot of things you have never done. Try the best-reviewed restaurants and go to the most-visited stores. You can buy a camera to take fun pictures at each place. You can have them developed later so you’ll never forget a fun date.

4. Star Gazing

One of the most popular things to do on a car date is to look at the stars. There’s something so romantic about sitting together and looking at the stars. If your car or truck is big enough, you can put a blanket on the roof or bed to lie down and look at the stars. Try to find and name any constellations that you can. Bring some snacks and hot cocoa, and talk while you enjoy the quiet date night. You’ll find that time goes by so quickly, and it might be very late when you decide to go home! It’s easy to lose your way among the stars.

5. Car Date Scavenger Hunt

Set up a fun treasure hunt you can all do from the car. Make a list of things you need to find, like a specific type of car, a restaurant with an animal logo, etc. Or, make it a photo scavenger hunt and look for things to take pictures of from the car.

6. A Great Place to eat

An excellent car date idea is to stop for food. For each meal, you should choose a different place to eat—play rock-paper-scissors to decide each time who gets to pick the restaurant. Visit a different place for the appetisers, main course, and dessert. You might have to drive all around town to find the best cake. Either go through the drive-through or order food so you can eat in your car. You can eat each meal in a different beautiful spot to enjoy the view while eating.

7. Car Picnic

A picnic is an adorable car date idea. You can sit in the trunk with more room if you have an SUV or truck. Spread out a blanket, bring a basket full of snacks and treats, and have some sparkling drinks (make sure they don’t have alcohol in them). You can even bring small things to do, like card games or painting with watercolours. This is a great option when the weather isn’t nice enough to sit outside. Never again will rain ruin your picnic!

8. A sunrise drive

Something about a sunrise feels so cosy and close. Everything is quiet, and it’s just you and her. Get up early, drive along a scenic route, and stop at a vista point to watch the sunrise. Try to be quiet and enjoy the quiet; be present. It can be romantic even if you don’t talk. As people and birds wake up, go back to your room for a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast.

Car Date Ideas

9. Go On A Road Trip

Just pack your things and go. No destination. No GPS. Just choose a direction and start driving. Along the way, you might find some fun places to stop and look at or excellent little shops. Don’t plan anything. Just go with the flow. You’ll be able to go on an exciting car date that you’ll never forget because of something strange or unusual that happened. Things that don’t go as planned always turn out to be the best!

10. Camping

People love how easy it is to camp in their cars, so its popularity has grown over the years. This time, why not try an overnight date? You can take your car to national or state parks and have a great time there. If you sleep in your car, you won’t have to bring a tent and sleep on the floor, which can be uncomfortable. Put some lights in the car to make you happy and turn the back seat into a bed for the two of you.


To have a great date, you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant or have everything planned out. Sometimes it’s best to be casual and at ease! Try any of these for a car date the next time you go out, and you’re sure to have a great time.


Is a car date a good date idea?

Well, in a nutshell, it’s a date when you don’t leave or go too far from the car. These dates are great if you don’t have time to do anything more complicated. You can drive through a beautiful place and listen to music.

Who should be the driver on a car date?

Statistics show that when a man and a woman drive together, the man is usually in charge.

What can you do on a long car ride with your date?

Stay entertained with an audiobook or podcast.

Whether it’s a story, an autobiography, or a podcast, listening to something in the car can create interesting conversations. You could download a few podcasts or audiobooks if you want something different to do on a long drive with your partner.

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