Romance in a bottle: Date Night Jar Ideas

Date Night Jar Ideas

Date night Jars are for those who seek something new on every date. Replenish your jars because here are some Date Night Ideas you may need. As you can see, we have divided this list into several different categories:

Cheap Date Night Ideas

Hire City Bikes

Almost every big city has a bicycle hiring system. For an hour, you can scoot around some of your city’s famous landmarks with a Santander bike at only £2 for every 30 minutes. Lime charges per minute, but Santander bikes charge only £2 every 30 minutes.

Find a Park Concert

There are often free concerts or plays at your local park during the summer. You can listen to lovely tunes at sunset if you bring a picnic blanket and wine. You can find all the details on your local council’s website or the park’s Instagram account.

Play at a Board Game Café

Several board game cafes have a wide variety of games available and charge around £6 a person for the privilege of playing. If you are interested in discovering a new favourite, you should come with another couple for a sweet double date idea. If you are looking for something even cheaper, you can also find a selection of games in most pubs. If you can find one near you, you will only have to pay for the drinks you purchase.

Fun Date Night Ideas

Attend a Comedy Show

Comedy clubs and comedy nights abound in every city, and even if they’re student nights and a little cringe, you’re sure to laugh. There is nothing like laughter to bring people together!

Play Mini Golf

Playing pitch and putt on a seaside mini golf course or an indoor venue like Swingers is a great date night activity.

Play Supermarket Pick-n-Mix

It is a good idea to go to the supermarket ahead of time, so you are prepared for a random night in. If you close your eyes and move your finger around until the other person tells you to stop, the item they point at will be your purchase. With this ingenious technique, if your supermarket sells films, you can choose snacks, chocolates, ice cream, and pizza from the menu. This solution will solve many arguments for those who take a long time to make a decision!

Trampoline Park Time

It is worth noting that no one’s face looks great after trampolining, but it is worth the sheer fun you will have. Take a trip around a trampoline park and see who has the highest jump and the best flips!

Double Date Night Ideas

Date Night Jar Ideas

Come Dine With Me Dinner

Do you have friends who live nearby? You can do a dinner crawl similar to Come to Dine With Me, where one couple makes the starter, the other hosts the main, and the third couple makes the dessert. Your starter and dessert couples can bring theirs to the couple doing the main if your arrangements are a bit more complicated. You could do it like the TV show and have each couple host a dinner party daily.

Throw a Casino Night

You’ll make many memories with your best couple of friends at a casino night. If Lady Luck chooses you, whether playing poker, blackjack or something a little simpler, you will feel like you are on top of the world. Instead of gambling for money, how about betting on which couple will pay for everyone’s takeout?

Survive an Escape Room

Join another couple. You’ll have more fun working through the clues if there are several of you, and sign up for an escape room for a fun, head-scratching evening. Why not find out if you can escape within an hour?

At-Home Date Night Ideas

Have a Spa Night

The best part is that most of us already have everything we need to host a spa night at home, so it’s a really cheap but perfectly pampering idea! It only takes a face mask, an oil massage, and a foot bath.

Arrange a Treasure Hunt

Lead your partner on a scavenger hunt around your house with clues about your relationship. It could be on the jar of chilli powder that nearly ended your sixth date or under the seat where you had your first kiss. End your evening with something special, such as a bath with candles and rose petals.

Put Together a Puzzle

Covid’s silver lining was discovering the joy of puzzles. It is both entertaining and relaxing to participate in this therapeutic activity. Get a new jigsaw (or even a Lego set) and start sorting.

Build a Bucket List

Have a romantic night and make plans for the future over wine. Writing a bucket list is a great way to bond and make you excited about the future! Include countries you want to visit and activities you want to do.


Whether in a new relationship or having been together for a while, it can be challenging to come up with creative secret date night ideas that will make your date night memorable. Well, I’m going to bid you goodbye, and we’ll have dinner and see a movie. I bid you farewell, Netflix and chill. Our date night jars are full of ideas for every type of couple and every kind of budget for the different phases of your relationship. This article helped you to seal the jar of romance.

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How do you decorate a date night jar?

In the digital world, we are constantly bombarded with images of what a date night looks like. We want to create a date night jar that is as beautiful as possible. We want to put our favourite photos in it and ensure everyone who comes over feels at home and enjoys their time together.

What can couples do for fun at night?

Couples can have fun together, but they need to do so correctly. They need to know what activities are best for them at night. Couples use different activities at night to make their relationship work. They must find ways to have fun together and increase the chances of a long-term relationship.

Where can I cuddle on a date?

A date is a very important part of our lives. It should be a special moment when we can stop and enjoy the feeling of being with someone special. We should not forget that it is not just about physical intimacy but also emotional intimacy. The best way to show your feelings is by cuddling on a date, enjoying each other’s company, and taking turns expressing your feelings during the cuddle session.

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