Meet Cute: Fun Date Ideas For Teens

Fun Date Ideas

The game of parenting is full of firsts. Getting through first teeth, school uniforms, disappointments, and orthodontic appointments requires quick learning. In no time, you will be offering dating advice and ideas for fun first dates for teenagers. Fortunately, London has plenty of cheap date ideas. You’ll find everything your teen needs for their first date, from food markets to seaside excursions to romantic walks.

London is a city full of opportunities for fun dates. However, where do you look for date ideas when you’re stumped? It’s always fun to try something completely new. Here are a few quirky date-night alternatives to get you started, and if it doesn’t work out, at least you’re doing it with someone you love.

Date Ideas For Teens

Fun Date Ideas

Visit An Animal Shelter

There is nothing cuter or more expressive of love than a dog. Playing with puppies is free, so why not take your date there? Nothing is more satisfying to an animal lover than spending some time surrounded by a bunch of animals, be it dogs, cats, rabbits, or cattle. It makes for one of the best options for cute date ideas for teenage couples to plan for that special someone in their life. It’s also a great way to make some animals very happy at the same time. It can be hard to leave the shelter without wanting to take one home, even if you aren’t searching for adoption.

Visit a food theatre

It describes itself as a “food theatre” in the Centre Point building on New Oxford Street. It’s an indoor food court with seven live kitchens and three bars that showcase up-and-coming chefs and food businesses. Pastries such as Marmite, Schlossberg cheese, and spring onions are available at Popham, a cult bakery and patisserie. Authentic, fresh pasta is available at Lina Stores. Various new culinary offerings will be added throughout the year as it looks for new talent.

Hire Your Own Canal Boat

Float around London with your date on a boat for a fun afternoon. Rental canal boats are available from several companies. Navigate along Regent’s Canal from Merchants Square towards Camden Lock. As you pass Little Venice, Maida Vale Tunnel, and London Zoo, there will be plenty to talk about with your date. For the ultimate date experience, finish with a drink at a nearby bar after exploring Regent’s Canal.

Have a Park Picnic

You can plan a picnic among London’s many parks if you’re looking for a budget-friendly date. Not only is this a thoughtful date idea, but you will also get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere when you bring their favourite snacks and flowers. A picnic at Richmond Park is a good choice since you’ll also be able to see and do a lot there afterwards, including spotting deer. In addition to Victoria Park, both Dulwich Park and Dulwich Village Park are great options.

Wander Around a Museum

Most major museums in London offer free entry, so if you’re looking for cheap date ideas in London, this is your best bet. Some pretty famous works of art are adorning the National Gallery’s walls, conveniently located in Trafalgar Square. Explore some incredibly rare artefacts together at the Natural History Museum.

Independent Cinema

A casual rainy day date at one of London’s independent cinemas is perfect for a relaxed atmosphere and grown-up food and drinks. The Electric Cinema in Notting Hill is one of the most famous, where you can reserve a squishy sofa and grab a meal afterwards in the French-American diner. Similarly, at Stepney Green’s Genesis Cinema, you get a couch and a small table for your wine and snacks.

Take a Cable Car Ride

A cable car ride in London is one of the best ways to start a date, even though it isn’t long enough to qualify as a full date. Make your way across the Thames by cable car with Emirates Air Line. You can get there for just £4 each way, so it’s a very affordable experience if you pair it with one of the other cheap date ideas. There’s something about romance and TFL that doesn’t seem to go together, but here we are.

Kayak down the Thames

There’s no doubt you’ve walked or cycled along it, crossed it on bridges, and maybe even taken it up or down to a Thames Clipper, but did you know you could paddle it? London’s lifeblood river is a thrilling experience that adventurous couples will cherish. You can choose between a gentle one-direction tour between Battersea and Greenwich or a bit farther to the Thames Barrier with London Kayak Company.

Cook Dinner Together

You don’t have to spend big bucks on food at a fancy restaurant or wait for the food to come out. The idea of staying in and preparing a delicious meal with your partner is romantic. Making this date happen doesn’t require you to be a master chef. The process of implementing a recipe together is much more interesting. Shop for ingredients for your meal at the grocery store, and then cook together at either of your places.

Plan A Board Game Night

Playing board games brings out your competitive side and your inner child. You can use them to flirt with your crush, especially at the beginning of your relationship. Make this one a double date instead since most board games are best played with more than two people. There are many options, such as Pictionary, Taboo, Monopoly, and Twister.

Go Ice Skating

The activity of ice skating is also very popular among teens. This is an exciting, joyous, and extraordinary date experience. The two of you can even learn to skate together and have a lot of fun, even if neither of you is great at skating.


As you grow older, you cherish your dates more and more. During this time, you can bond and get to know people you wish to establish a relationship with. It can also be a time for a couple to spend time together on a date. It’s important to plan a date you will enjoy, even if some dates aren’t ideal for teens, like wine bar dates. Now that you have read this article, it is time to plan your next date.

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Where can you double date?

The double date is a popular concept in the UK. It is a great way to meet people, especially on vacation. It’s not a secret that the biggest cities in the world are London and New York. But where can you double date? London offers a wide range of choices, from museums, libraries, coffee places, and parks to go to for your next double date.

What are cheap date ideas in London?

Cheap doesn’t mean boring. Here are some cheap date ideas:

  • Browsing at a bookstore.
  • Listening to throwback records.
  • Going out to eat for breakfast or enjoying a sunset or sunrise.

What are the most romantic spots in London?

London’s most romantic outdoor spots. Discover Regent’s Canal, South Bank, Primrose Hill, Albert Bridge, and outdoor dates.

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