The More, The Merrier: Terrific Double Date Ideas You Can Do In London

Forget the idea of bringing a friend along on a first date to make it less awkward. When you’re a couple, double dates are a lot of fun. You get to hang out with your other half and your friends simultaneously. Everyone wins.

When you’re in a long-term relationship or trying to plan a wedding, it can be easy to forget about date night. It seems like life always gets in the way, right? But spending time with your partner is essential, and making plans with another couple is a great way to ensure you keep them.

If the only pictures you have of your partner are selfies, a double date is an excellent chance for your friends to take romantic pictures of you and your partner. Also, many ideas for dates are better with four people than with two.

Plan to do one of these every month to keep the spark alive. You can go on double dates with the same couple or with a different set of couple friends every month. You’ll make many memories and grow closer to your friends and other people. Here are some ideas for double dates to get you going.

Double Date Ideas


Budget-Friendly Double Dates

1. Go to a musical or play

From a West End musical to a student play at your local theatre, there are shows and plays for every budget every night of the week. Look for deals on ticket-selling sites like TodayTix to find cheap seats to the most popular shows, which often have A-list stars in the cast.

2. Night at the pub

The best pub quiz double date is with a pair of people who know about different things than you. People on a winning team will know a lot about sports, history, geography, stars, and current events. Choose your teammates with care.

3. Sip some cool drinks

You can find secret speakeasies, subway cars from the 1940s, spy spots based on Bletchley Park, impressive game arcades, and even Breaking Bad and Harry Potter bars. Book a table and order a few craft cocktails. You’ll feel so fancy and might find a new flavour you love.

4. Try a Different Food

Everyone loves Chinese and Indian food, but maybe it’s time to try something new. When you go out with three other people, you can order many dishes to share, especially if they have flavours you haven’t tried before. You might want to try Korean BBQ, spicy Balkan, Persian grill, Peruvian ceviche, real Ethiopian tibs, and Afghani stews.

5. Try Different Classes

Websites that sell coupons always have classes for sale, so you can get cheap chess, self-defence, salsa dancing, pottery, or sushi-making class. Even if it’s not your thing, you’ll learn something and have a great time with your friends if you go in with an open mind. You might even find something you both like to do.

6. Make Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is so fun that it should have its own date time. You get to cook your meal on a smoking-hot grill, which makes you feel like you’re on Chef’s Table on Netflix.

7. Go, Bowling,

Rent a lane and play each other in a bowling match to see who is the best, whoever wins the most games out of three wins.

Daytime Double Dates

8. Go Antique Shopping

Don’t think of antique shopping as something only older adults do. There are many hidden treasures at flea markets, car boot sales, and antique shops. If you want to buy something for one of your homes, like a new bedside table, you can divide and conquer or play Bargain Hunt.

Set a price limit and see who can get the best deal for their money. If you’re looking for a free date, it can be fun to look around the shops and stalls to see what’s for sale or to see who can find the strangest thing.

9. Visit a Museum Exhibit

If you look up local museums on Google, you’ll find many excellent exhibits and events you can sign up for, many of which are free. Check to see if any London museums, like the V&A and Science Museums, have special evening events like the “Lates.” At these, you can buy alcohol and do things that don’t happen during the day, making them great for date nights.

If you’re willing to go a little further, the UK is full of weird museums like the Pencil Museum in Keswick, the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Cornwall, Blists Hill Victorian Town in Shropshire, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London.

10. Go to a Free Park Show

During the summer, music and art events are often put on for free in parks and town centres. There are Halloween and Bonfire Night events in the fall, and as winter comes, there are lots of free carol concerts. The best places to find out what’s going on are council Instagram or Twitter accounts, local libraries, community newsletters and websites, and local newspapers.

11. Go to a Farm in a City

You can go to a real farm if you live in the country. But a city farm is a close second if you live in a city. You’ll find goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, donkeys, and some unusual animals like guinea pigs, llamas, and hedgehogs. Most of them let you feed the animals their food and have great cafes where you can get something to eat.

12. Ride a Bus the Whole Way

In most cities, one or two bus routes go to all the best places and are the cheapest and easiest way to see everything. For instance, in London, the 24 bus goes by Westminster Cathedral, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, and all of Camden before ending at Hampstead Heath.

13. Fun Run Time

Sporty couples will love to sign up for a charity fun run or do a park run before brunch on a Saturday morning. It isn’t everyone’s idea of a perfect date, but for athletic couples, putting on a pair of trainers is an excellent way to start the day.

14. Dog Date

Make it a triple date with you, them, and the dogs if both couples have dogs. Take your furry friends on a particular dog walk, either somewhere you’ve never been before or to a doggy meet-up.

15. Play Mini Golf

Pitch-and-putt courses are cheap, fun, and an excellent way to get people to compete with each other. If you want to take crazy gold a step further, go to a place like Swingers, where you can buy drinks and street food as you make your way around excellent courses.

16. Go on a Hunt

There are scavenger hunt companies all over the country. They give you maps and clues to follow that could lead you to solve a murder mystery or find hidden sights in your city. You can find free apps and websites pretty quickly, or one of you could even make your own!

Unique Double Dates

17. Beat an Escape Room

One activity that is better as a four than a two is an escape room. Use all your minds to figure out the clues and get out of the room in the time you have. You’ll be good at different things so this date idea will be amusing, interactive, and brain-teasing.

18. Listen to a Real-time Podcast

If you all like the same podcast or are interested in the same things, like true crime, sports, comedy, travel, history, famous people, movies, or just about anything else, there’s a podcast for that. Podcasts often record live in front of an audience, and getting tickets is so much fun. There are also podcast festivals all over the country, so you can sign up for anything.

19. See a Funny Show

Did you know that laughing boosts the release of endorphins-the body’s natural feel-good chemicals? This makes your immune system stronger and your mood better. Laughter is also said to make people more attracted to each other. So, what better way to spend an evening than at a comedy club with your partner and friends?

20. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a lot like looking for treasure. You can use GPS to look for hidden boxes with things in them. You can combine this with a nice walk in the countryside or a hunt in your neighbourhood. You can even register your caches, so if your group has a favourite place to go, you can hide a box there and invite others to find it.

21. Do a Food Crawl

Go to a street food market and give each date a different dish to eat. One person gets the appetiser, another the main dish, someone else the sides, and the last person gets dessert. It’s a great way to try different food and push your taste buds because you must try each dish.

22. Take a Tour on Foot

With a walking tour, you can act like a tourist in your town. You can find a scary ghost tour, an exciting history tour, a literary tour, or a tour of famous movie locations on Google. Many tours led by students are also free; you give them a tip at the end.

23. Attend a Drag Brunch

Drag brunches are a lot of fun, with free drinks, music from the 1990s, disco dancing, quizzes, and games, all led by the sassiest drag queens. Even if you’ve never seen Drag Race, you’ll still have a great time at a drag brunch.

24. Go to the Zoo Late at Night

Adults-only Twilight events are held at zoos all over the UK in the summer. These events have food, drinks, music, and special talks. Animal lovers will love seeing the animals that come out at night and living out their childhood dreams of being in their favourite place at night.

25. Swing Into Trapeze School

Sign up as a group of four to a trapeze school if you all want to learn how to do acrobatics in the air. Many of them take place at circus schools all over the country, so people who don’t like heights could try something like silks, ropes, or hoops instead.

26. Try A Night Of Painting And Wine

Whether you’re a modern-day Picasso or couldn’t tell a 2B pencil from a PS 2, these are art classes with a twist! There are paint and wine nights in the UK, where a skilled teacher will show you how to paint while you drink wine and laugh at how bad your drawings are. It’s a fun and easy way to express your creativity, and you don’t need any experience. Paint Vine has classes in London, Liverpool, and Manchester and virtual kits you can do at home.

Outdoor Cinema Trip

27. Outdoor Cinema Trip

Outdoor movies, especially immersive ones, are great summer dates. They show both old favourites and new movies, so you’ll all be able to find something you like. When it’s colder, look for independent movie theatres near you. Many have movie marathons, screenings where people can sing along, or even small film festivals. It’s a perfect date for two people who like movies.

28. Go To A Concert In A City Other Than Your Own

The best date ever = your favourite band + exploring a new city. Book an Airbnb with three other friends, drive or take the train to see a band you all like, and spend the rest of the weekend trying out new restaurants, going from bar to bar, and seeing sights. If you can’t afford to spend the night away, it’s just as fun to see a band in your town and then dance.

Homemade Double Dates

29. Taste Some Wine Or Gin

On many voucher websites, you can buy a wine or gin tasting at home for a pretty low price, but it’s straightforward to host your own. Go to a local wine or liquor store and pick up a few bottles with tasting notes, or order a wine box from a company like Savage Vines with tasting notes and a podcast that talks you through each wine.

30. Form A Book Club

A book club can be a regular date night for couples who like to read. Get together, drink wine, and discuss your book of the month at one of your houses. You’ll get to read books you might not have bought for yourself, and it’s a more “educational” date night than just going out for drinks.

31. Host a “Come Dine With Me” Competition

One couple makes the appetisers and desserts, and the other makes the main dish and sides. You can move between houses if you live close enough to walk, but the starter and dessert can quickly bring cold and heat up if you don’t. One of you can be the sarcastic narrator, which makes the night even more fun.

32. Throw a Game Night

Buy a new board game or play an old favourite with your friends. There are so many fun games for four people that you can’t play with two people. Before starting, ensure you have wine, snacks, and all the game pieces.


What’s the point of going on two dates at once? It lets two couples have fun together at a restaurant, at the movies, on a weekend trip, or just at home with drinks and board games. Because of this, one of the main rules of a double date is that you shouldn’t touch each other too much and shouldn’t share inside jokes with your date because their friends might not feel welcome.

Also, don’t go on a double date with the intention of swinging. That’s the worst thing you could do. Monogamous couples go on double dates, and there’s no question of an open relationship.


Is it wise to go on a double date?

Research has shown that double dating can help your relationship in natural ways. A study from 2014 found that bonding with another couple can make your relationship more passionate and bring it back to life.

When a guy wants a double date, what does that mean?

Having twice as many people usually means twice as much fun. With more stories, jokes, and funny anecdotes, a perfect double date can be as fun as going out with your friends, probably where you’d all rather be on a Friday night.

Why do people do double dating?

Science Daily reported on a study that found that going on a double date is one of the fastest ways to help your relationship. Excitement is considered one of the first things to fade in love.

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