The Perfect First Date Outfit Ideas in London

You can probably tell that dating has changed a lot and that Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder are now some of the most used apps on your phone. But just because you can now find your perfect match with the click of a button doesn’t mean it’s easier to figure out what to wear on a first date.

There is a fine line between looking attractive, calm, and exciting and looking inappropriate, as you tried too hard or too high-maintenance. On a first date, you want your clothes to help show who you are and not give the wrong impression.

First Date Outfit


First Date Outfit Ideas That Fit The Season

Whether it’s a brunch or date night, it requires an appropriate outfit for the occasion and should look and feel good on you. It can be hard to know what to wear on your first outing with someone new, but we have you covered!

Summer Outfit

A date in the summer is all about staying cool and stylish.

Men should wear light or pastel-coloured shirts. This time, a white Oxford shirt is always a good choice and goes with almost any pair of pants. If it’s hot, switch this for a silk or viscose shirt with a pattern. Wear light blue jeans or tan chinos with dark brown boots or smart shoes. For the evening, wear this with a tan or black jacket.

First Date Outfit


A pastel pink gingham shirt with white jeans makes a classic summer date outfit for women. It is light, airy, and perfect for people who care as much about comfort as they do about style. For shoes, you can be as flexible as you want.

White sneakers or peach heels will both work. Make sure you wear the right shoes if your date involves a lot of walking, such as a walk through a botanical garden.

First Date Outfit


Winter Outfit

Even though your winter date will probably be inside, better to be safe than sorry, you should wear layers and a warm, comfortable outfit. Most women will wear a cute outfit and then add a jumpsuit, jacket, or overcoat to cover up.

In the winter, jeans and a shirt might be worn as a base layer, and then an oversized sweater or a long chunky knit cardigan might be worn on top. You can dress up or dress down this outfit by wearing trainers, leather sneakers, boots, or pumps. If you want an easy way to pull your outfit together, a black or camel coat is the perfect piece of outerwear.

First Date Outfit


Autumn Outfit

As the seasons change, you’ll start to wear light layers for a date in the fall. It gets much more relaxed in the fall, so it’s a good idea to add a denim jacket, knitted sweater, or trench coat to your first date outfit.

During these transitional months, you might want to switch your strappy summer sandals for a pair of sleek ankle boots to add an elegant touch to your outfit. You can also stay warm and cosy with a thick sweater dress and long suede or leather boots. If you’re not sure what to wear, skinny jeans, an oversized sweater, and sneakers are always a safe bet.

First Date Outfit


Spring Outfit

When a new season starts, it’s time to get a new outfit. For spring, don’t be afraid to wear floral prints and lighter colours to show the season. You can always add a jacket or blazer to your outfit if it gets cold in the evening. Since your first date will likely be in a less formal setting, we’ll focus on simple first-date outfit ideas.

For men, a laid-back look is always a good choice for spring. Keep things comfortable and casual with dark jeans, a light-striped sweater with an oversized tan shirt, or a jacket that keeps things crisp but casual. If you want to dress this style, tuck in your shirt and wear a belt. Wear this with bright white sneakers or combat boots for a more rugged look.

First Date Outfit


Floral prints are always a fun and practical choice for women. You can’t go wrong with a classic spring dress, but if you want to try something different, try a floral crop top and skirt/mini skirt or blue denim jeans. If this is an evening date, wear it with white sneakers or boots (Doc Martens are classic) and a black leather jacket.

First Date Outfit


Things You Have To Consider On Your First Date

What to wear on a first date depends, of course, on where you are going. Dates during the day are usually more casual than dates in the evening, so jeans and a nice top are always a good choice. It’s also a good idea to wear flats that are easy to walk in, in case any romantic strolls come up out of the blue.

If you need an extra layer, a blazer or a classic trench coat will keep you warm and dress up your look if it goes into the evening, which is a good sign. When it comes to accessories, you can be a little more outgoing. Accessories are an excellent way to show off your personality without going overboard.

A pair of shoes with a bold colour or a pair of statement earrings from one of the best jewellery brands will spice up a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt or add a bit of flair to a dress or mini dress with less going on.

The ‘8-Second’ Impression

There isn’t a “rule” about what to wear on a first date. Your date outfit should make you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t feel like you have to wear a stunning dress and high heels or a sophisticated suit if that’s not your style or doesn’t fit the location or setting of your date.

You can do some things before your date to make the best first “8-second” impression. But when it comes to date outfit ideas, remember that this is a date, not a job interview! Stay relaxed and calm, and let your personality do the talking.

Tips On How To Look Good On Your First Date

Trying to look good is not just about vanity. Dressing well can be broken down into two main parts. The first is based on your taste and preferences; how we dress shows how we see and feel about ourselves. The second thing is how other people see us and how we want them to see us.

Everything we do with our bodies is a playful way of communicating with ourselves and with other people. Whether it’s a new haircut, the jewellery we choose to wear, or how long we spend at the gym to get the perfect body, these choices make us feel better. When we make an effort to look better, we feel good about ourselves. “Clothes have a lot of meaning and use.”

Clothing and emotions are linked in a way that goes both ways. How we feel affects what we think about our clothes, affecting what we choose to wear. Daniel Benkendorf, an associate professor of psychology at the Fashion Institute of Technology, says that what we wear also affects how we feel and think.


First dates can be stressful, so putting your best foot forward and dressing accordingly is essential. There is no perfect outfit, but what makes a great first impression is confidence and comfort. What we wear shows not only who we are and how we are seen but also how we want to be seen.


How does a good outfit affect the first date?

Once you find a date outfit you like automatically boosts your confidence and self-esteem, which are critical for making an excellent first impression on a date. Self-affirmation is a big part of how we act on our first dates, and when we’re happy with how we look, it makes us less worried about what to wear.

Cognitive psychologists Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky came up with the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the study of how the clothes we wear affect our mental processes. To put it simply, what we wear affects how we feel.

What are the styles to avoid on a first date?

You might end up wearing different outfits for different dates, but you should avoid the following styles: tight skinny jeans, anything too revealing, and heels that you can’t walk in comfortably.

How do I pick the right shoes?

Picking suitable date shoes is a daunting task. It’s hard to know what to look for and how to find the best pair for you. Consider the following when picking your perfect date shoe.

  • Your clothes. Your shoes play a significant role in how you look as a whole. If you’re wearing jeans, you could wear ankle boots, stilettos, sneakers, or dress shoes instead.
  • Where do you want to go, where is your date, and will you be sitting or walking? You could wear a beautiful pair of stilettos or brogues to a fancy dinner. If you’re going to be walking more, try boots with firm heels. This will take some of the pressure off the ball of your foot.
  • Time of year. Think about what the weather could do, even if you’re inside. Boots are a great choice if it’s cold because they’re both comfortable and fashionable. Brogues are airy and light when warm, but they still look smart.
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