Fun And Romantic Ideas For A Date On Halloween

When you think of Halloween, romance probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, and that’s fine. Most people think of scary movies or creepy Halloween decorations when they think of the holiday. But cuddling up with your significant other to watch Hocus Pocus or walking hand in hand through a pumpkin patch sounds less creepy and cuter!

So why not make time for a Halloween date with the person you like? It’s an easy way to spice up your love life during the festive season!

If you want a scary night or are looking for other fun ways to spend the evening of October 31st, you’ll find many good ideas here. You could go to a local corn maze, go to a drive-in movie, or go on a road trip with a Halloween theme. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you do will be unique because you’ll be doing it with your “boo!”

Halloween Romantic Ideas


How to Celebrate Halloween

Many people have asked what they can do on Halloween if they aren’t invited to a party. Halloween can be a fun holiday if you’re single and going to parties. However, it’s also excellent when you’re married, and your kids’ costumes melt your heart.

What about people in a relationship, engaged or married but don’t have children? It can be unpleasant to find out that you have nothing planned for All Hallow’s Eve and need to make something up. Most people don’t think of Halloween as a good time for a romantic date.

People in other countries usually think about rushing to the store to buy a lot of candy for “trick or treat” kids to eat as they run around the neighbourhood. But since Halloween isn’t that big yet, we can use it as a date night day, can’t we? At the end of the day, you don’t need a reason to spend time with your lover, and this is a great day to try something new.

Classic Dates on Halloween

1. Drive around to see the Autumn leaves

Take your date for a drive to find the best fall foliage in your area. Grab some coffee and a scary story podcast to listen to as you drive to get in the Halloween spirit.

2. Pumpkin Carving

After getting a few pumpkins, get your creative juices flowing so you can carve pumpkins together. This classic idea for a Halloween date goes best with some Halloween snacks or at least an Oktoberfest beer.

3. Go to a pumpkin farm

Find the right pumpkin for carving at a pumpkin patch near you. As you walk through the rows of pumpkins, eat cider doughnuts and argue about who has seen the Charlie Brown episode “The Great Pumpkin” more times.

4. Pick apples

Find an apple orchard near you, put on your favourite plaid shirt, and go apple picking as a Halloween date idea. As you pick apples together, you can all enjoy fresh apple cider and the great outdoors. You could listen to a true-crime podcast on the way to the orchard or invite some friends for a great idea for a double date to make this date even more fun.

5. Check out a corn maze

For a romantic date idea, walk through a corn maze while the golden corn waves in the wind. Try going to the maze at night to make this date a little scarier. Some places offer tours in the evening!

Dates with Halloween Costume

6. Dress up for dinner

Make a regular dinner date more interesting by going out in style. Wear your Halloween costumes to dinner that night. You’re sure to laugh, so don’t let the funny looks from the other people in the bar throw you off.

7. Throw a party with costumes

If you and your date like dressing up for Halloween, why not have a party with all of your friends? Set the mood with Halloween-themed drinks and snacks, and don’t forget to vote on who has the best costume at the party.

Foodie Halloween Date Ideas

8. Get a personal chef

On your Halloween date night, let one of the best chefs in your city take care of dinner. There are private chefs near you who would love to cook for you and your date, whether you’re looking for private chefs in Greenwich or London. Once you’ve chosen your chef, they will buy the food, come to your home to cook the meal, and even clean up when they’re done. If you want to make a night of it, make this Halloween date idea a group date and invite a few other couples to celebrate with you.

9. Make apples with caramel

Caramel apples are a sweet, fun treat that is perfect for Halloween date night. You can make a date last longer by going to the farmers’ market together to buy ingredients and toppings. You can even make this classic Halloween treat into a party dish by making a delicious caramel apple dip. After all the hard work, have a glass of wine while you wait for the apples to cool down.

10. Take a holiday cooking class

Take a holiday cooking class to get in the Halloween mood. Look for cooking classes near you with seasonal menus or even one just for Halloween. There are cooking classes all over the country. If you’d rather stay home on your Halloween date night, interactive online cooking classes taught by gourmet chefs worldwide would be the perfect foodie date night at home.

11. Make treats with a Halloween theme

For this fun and festive foodie date idea, you need a quick search on Pinterest and a trip to the grocery store. Make scary treats like ghost-shaped cookies, cute mummy dogs, or jack-o’-lanterns made of sweet potatoes. Remember to take some photos before you all sit down to eat!

Spooky Date Ideas For Halloween

12. Ghost tours are fun

A local ghost tour is great to do on a Halloween date night. On a ghost tour, you’ll walk to different places in your city and learn about all the scary and illegal things that have happened there. This is a lot of fun if you live in a scary city like New Orleans, where there are a lot of ghost tours.

13. Go to a Haunted House

On Halloween, a classic date idea is to go to a haunted house. There are lots of scary moments, some laughs at your date’s scared reactions, and lots of chances to hold hands.

14. Tell Scary Tales Around the Campfire

Bring a flashlight, marshmallows to toast, a warm blanket, and your scariest ghost stories so you can tell them around the campfire at night. This Halloween date idea is to spend the night telling stories. Let your imagination run wild.

15, Go to a drive-in to see a scary movie

Get out of town and go to your local drive-in theatre to watch a scary movie. There will probably be Halloween-themed movies playing all month, so you’ll have a few options for your date.

Recommended Halloween Games For Couples

Halloween is a great time to play games with your partner. Most of the games that you can enjoy are:

  • Cluedo: On Halloween, who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?
  • Try to see who can eat the most disgusting things. Make sure it’s completely safe to eat, of course.
  • Some possibilities could be:
  • Raw egg
  • Spicy chilli
  • Tuna or Salmon
  • Pate
  • Heart of Chicken
  • Horror Facts
  • Zombieside
  • Stupid Deaths Game for a Party

DIY Crafty Date: Halloween Activity

Halloween is a great time to make something by hand. If you and your partner are crafty, here are some entertaining crafty date ideas for Halloween:

  • Make your bath bomb for Halloween.
  • Window decorations for Halloween
  • If you have kids, foam pumpkins might be fun to decorate.
  • Paint owls on clay pots
  • Carve some pumpkins

Halloween Movies To Watch Together

A scary movie marathon with your favourite ghost-loving girl or boy can’t go wrong. Also, the scary parts are perfect for cuddling.

Romantic movies for Halloween

Funny movies for Halloween

Older movies about Halloween

Halloween Gifts For Your Girlfriend

If your girlfriend loves Halloween, now is the perfect time to show her how much you appreciate her dark side with one of these cute Halloween gifts. From skincare to costume jewellery she’ll want to wear right away; these themed gifts are a scary-good way to add a bit of playful spookiness to your partner’s life.

1. Spooky Slippers

Give her a thoughtful gift of loungewear that she can use all October long to warm her heart and toes.

2. Rose Preserved in Fantasy

This black Eternity Rose from Venus ET Fleur gives a classic flower gift a spooky twist. This moody gift is a romantic, slightly spooky way to show your partner that you will always love them. It is a single rose in a Parisian-style hatbox “vase,” which will last for more than a year with the proper care.

3. Lip Mask with Pumpkin Spice

When the seasons change, there can be a lot of changes in how you live, and one of the biggest is how you take care of your skin. With our recommended moisturising mask from LANEIGE, you can help her keep her lips moist and give in to her cravings for pumpkin spice. It has the same cult-favourite recipe as the original but smells and tastes like autumn.

4. Earrings that glow in the dark

October has 31 days, so she has 31 chances to dress up for Halloween. Statement earrings from BaubleBar are more cute than scary, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. They will light up like magic when she wears them somewhere dark, like a haunted house or an autumn bonfire.

5. Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs

It’s the right time of year for everything pumpkin spice! If your girlfriend can’t go a day without lighting a pumpkin spice candle or drinking a few pumpkin spice lattes, why not give her another way to indulge her obsession? With these funny bath bombs from Rusted Acre Soap Co., her bath will smell like holiday spices and turn a festive orange.

6. Monster Sheet Masks

Help her love her scary beauty by giving her a set of Animated Sheet Mask for her favourite scary holiday. This set has nine masks to bring her back to life after a long week. Each mask is made for a different purpose. The egg whites in the ghost mask help reduce the look of pores and excess oil. The pumpkin mask uses the famous gourd to nourish and soften the skin. Finally, the bat mask uses black-as-night charcoal to remove built-up dirt and detoxify the skin.

Monster Sheet Masks


7. Snake Stash Tray

If the top of her dresser or vanity is more scary than helpful, this serpentine dish could be the perfect Halloween gift to help her get organised. At 11 inches wide, it’s a good size for jewellery, sunglasses, and anything else she needs to keep together. Even better, it’s just scary enough to appeal to her love of Halloween, but it’s also plain enough to stay out all year.

Snake Stash Tray


8. Cloche That Looks Scary-Good

This Halloween, decorate your home with creepy things that would fit in a gothic crypt. This luxury vintage-style cloche, which has black iron roses, leaves, and butterflies inside, is elegant and beautiful, but it also looks like something out of a nightmare, which is a good thing in this case.

Cloche That Looks Scary-Good



Okay, ghosts and witches, that’s all we have! Those are the best Halloween dates we can think of. We bet any of these ideas will bring you and your partner closer together.

From spooky haunted houses to festive cooking classes and gift ideas that you can give your partner, this list of Halloween date ideas should have given you some inspiration for planning your own perfect Halloween date this year!


What should my girlfriend and I do together for Halloween?

The best ideas for scary dates have to do with haunted places. Take a weekend trip to a city known to be haunted, try a Halloween scavenger hunt, or have a picnic in a cemetery near you.

How do you plan a scary night out with someone?

For the perfect spooky date, have a picnic in a creepy place like a field, cemetery, or building that people say is haunted. Bring a scary podcast or a book of scary short stories with you.

What do people do together on Halloween?

Halloween can be a romantic night to spend with your partner, but it’s even better if you have some spooky date ideas. Have a costume party, play jokes with your friends, or watch scary movies!

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