Great Date Ideas for Teens in London

Teens Date Ideas

London is a great place for teens to go on a date. It is full of things to do, from museums and parks to shopping and restaurants. The city has so much to offer that it can be hard to choose what you want to do.

If you are looking for ideas for the perfect date, this post will help you out! We have compiled a list of the best date ideas in London, from free activities like walking along the Thames River or going on a boat ride at sunset to more expensive activities like going bowling or having dinner at one of London’s many Michelin-starred restaurants.

Date Ideas for Teens

Skating at London Skate Center

This top-notch facility offers skate rentals, skating lessons, and an amazing array of rink features and activities to keep you and your teens entertained for hours on end. From ice hockey to speed skating, London Skate Center has something for everyone. Plus, the trendy district of Shoreditch is only a few minutes’ walk away – perfect for grabbing a quick bite or checking out some of the local shops.

National Portrait Gallery Tour

This iconic museum is home to some of the world’s most famous portraits, including those of Sir Winston Churchill and Edward VII. But if you’re looking for something more specific, like dating advice, the NPG has got you covered. During the summer months, they offer a teen dating tour complete with snacks and drinks. The tour covers many interesting facts about different paintings, like who’s in them and what they represent.

Crazy Golf Experience at Crazy Putt London

This outrageous golf experience is perfect for teen dating in London. Crazy Putt London is like no other golf course you’ve ever played! The green is covered in obstacles, including high jumps, water hazards, and even a volcano. There are also dozens of crazy props to take advantage of, like giant swings and poles that go 100 feet into the air. Bring your sense of humour–this is definitely an experience not to be missed!

Immersive Bowling

If you’re looking for an immersive date idea that will keep the young ‘uns entertained, look no further than London’s newest attraction – immersive bowling! For just £10 per person, couples can experience a night of fun and entertainment at one of the city’s top bowling centres. Not only is the experience fun and interactive, but it also allows for some serious dating bonding time.

Stroll in the West End of London

If you’re looking for a date idea that’s sure to impress, West End is the place to be! Here, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars that offer great atmospheres for dating, making it the perfect spot for young love. Plus, with so many things to see and do in this part of London, there’s never a dull moment – no matter what your age!

Places to Visit (Featured Attractions in London)

National Gallery

The National Gallery for features exhibits on art history, fashion, music, and more. There’s something for everyone here! You can also enjoy breathtaking views of London from the top of the tower. Whether you’re looking to explore new interests or simply date with your friends in a fun and relaxed environment, the National Gallery for teen dating is perfect!

National History Museum

The museum has a range of interactive exhibits that are sure to interest teenagers and make for an informative and fun date. With so much to see and do, the NHM is the perfect place to spend a romantic day with your date.

Prince Charles Cinema

Prince Charles Cinema in London is the perfect place to go for a date idea for teens. This cinema has a great atmosphere and the staff are always happy to help. Plus, there’s always something happening at Prince Charles Cinema, so it’s never too quiet or too dull.

Trafalgar Square

The square is perfect for teenage dating in London because it’s a popular place to gather with friends and catch up on what’s been going on. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in the area, making it easy to find a place to eat or a place to drink. Plus, all the attractions around Trafalgar Square make it a great spot to take a break from each other and explore something new.

Barbican Centre

This interactive space features different activities and events to keep you entertained while you date. From movie nights to dance lessons, there’s something for everyone at the Teen Dating Zone. So come on down and have some fun!

Dalloway Terrace

Dalloway Terrace is a great place for teenage dating in London. It has a trendy, modern atmosphere, and the restaurants and bars in the area are fabulous for catching up with friends or meeting new ones. Plus, it’s just a short walk from Covent Garden, which is always buzzing with activity. This teen dating spot offers something for everyone, with activities ranging from cooking to dancing.

Albert Museum

This renowned attraction is perfect for teenage dating in London, as it has a wealth of history and culture to offer. Not only that, but the museum is also home to some impressive exhibits, such as the Egyptian Collection and Ancient Greece and Rome Gallery. So if you’re looking for something special to do with your date this weekend, make the Albert Museum your choice.

Albert Museum


London has plenty of great teenage date ideas for you to explore.

There are many great teenage secret date ideas in London that will have you both laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Whether you’re looking for something active or fun, there’s something for everyone here.

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What does a teenager usually wear on a date in London?

The following are some of the most common outfits that teenagers wear on a date in London.

A teenager usually wears jeans and a t-shirt on a date. They might also wear sneakers or trainers. A lot of them might also wear a jacket over their clothes for the winter or to protect themselves from the rain. Other dress codes include wearing a dress, skirt, and heels with makeup and jewellery.

Is there a teenage dating culture in London?

It is no secret that dating culture is different in London than it is in other parts of the world. With such a diverse population, there are different ways to date and find love.

What should I prepare for a teenage date in London?

The first thing you should do is have a look at the website of the place where you are going on a date. They will usually have information about the dress code or at least a list of what they serve. If you are not sure what to wear, then ask your date to tell you their preference and pick an outfit accordingly. If they don’t mention anything, then it is usually safe to assume that they want you to dress casually.

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