Romantic Date Ideas In London

There is a lot of romance and charm in London. There are many ways to spend a romantic evening in London, whether you want to celebrate a special event like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

No matter what you want to do, the city always has a lot going on. You could eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant, relax in a lovely wine bar, go to the theatre, or take a nighttime walk along the Thames.

Romantic Date Ideas


6 Romantic Date Ideas In London

1. Go To A Wine Bar

Everyone has their idea of a romantic date, and for some, it doesn’t have to be a candle-lit dinner at a fancy restaurant. What matters is the mood and how close you are. This is a great time to go to a wine bar. You can get comfortable in a cosy bar or even a cellar.

There are a lot of wine bars and cocktail bars to choose from in London. The bars in Mayfair are a lot of fun, especially The Connaught, which was voted Best Bar in the World for two years.

Gordon’s Wine Bar is one of the favourite bars of most couples. It has a mix of old and new, making it one of the most fantastic bars in London. Passione Vino in Shoreditch feels like a warm and welcoming place. And Noble Rot is a very romantic wine bar and restaurant with many locations around the city.

Stop by Swift in Soho or Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour in Covent Garden for a cocktail bar. Londoners love the creative and modern cocktails at Cocktail Trading Company and The Gibson, both of which are in Shoreditch.

2. Make A Reservation For A Ride On The London Eye

If you’ve been to London as a tourist, you probably think of the London Eye as a bustling tourist spot. It is that, for sure, but it has more to offer people who want a fun and romantic time.

You can book a private pod for 2 to 25 people. You can also book the Champagne Experience, which quickly gets you to the front of the line and gives you a glass of Champagne to drink while you ride.

During the ride, you’ll get a comprehensive view of the House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tate Museum, Westminster Abbey, and the beautiful stretches of the Thames River.

3. A Gourmet Sightseeing Bus Tour

One of the most romantic and fun dinners in London was on the Bustronome, a double-decker tour bus serving a packed gourmet lunch or dinner as you tour around the city’s main sights. It’s a unique experience you can only have in London or Paris. You can have drinks with your meal, and as the city goes by your window, you’ll enjoy a great meal and an exciting view.

4. Take A Walk With Your Date

It’s easy to find lovely places to walk and sights to see in London. Places like the South Bank Centre, the London Eye, and the National Theatre can be found on the South Bank. It looks very romantic when lit up at night.

Little Venice is another great place for a romantic stroll along the canal in Maida Vale, London. There’s a lot to look at, like Victorian buildings, floating markets, cute cafes, and clear water.

A visit to Kew Gardens, which has the “largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world” and is also a beautiful place to walk, is another excellent thing to do as a tourist. The Kew Gardens Walk is a 5.1 km loop trail that goes through the gardens.

5. Having A Picnic At Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is a London park that doesn’t get enough attention. This cute and quiet place is on the northern side of Regent’s Park. It is a great place to have a picnic with your date. Pack some sandwiches and lay a blanket out on the hill. As you eat and talk, you can look up at the sky. You can put some on the blanket if you know how to arrange roses. A classic romantic gift that works well is a picnic blanket with roses. Primrose Hill is accessible because it is near the Chalk Farm tube station. If you want to bring flowers back from a trip, ensure you know how to keep them fresh.

6. Indulge In A Michelin-Star Dinner

In London, there are 71 Michelin-starred restaurants, each with its level of luxury and style of food. A romantic evening is a great time to enjoy a fancy meal at a restaurant that takes pride in the little things. From the start, you will be treated like VIPs.

Michelin-Star Dinner

If you want to save money, go to Trullo for great pasta, 14 Hills for a great view of the City of London, or Brasserie Zedel, which looks like a Parisian brasserie from the 1930s.

7. Go To A Theatre

It’s not a secret that some of the best theatres in the World are in London. You wouldn’t want to miss a chance to see a show on the West End.

Grab an early dinner and then see Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, or something funny like The Book of Mormon or lighthearted like Mama Mia. There are a lot of options!

You’ll get to see the show, but you’ll also get to check out the historic theatres of West End, many of which have intricate designs and unique historic details. About as old as you can get is the Shakespeare Globe Theater. The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, The London Palladium, the Adelphi Theatre, and Her Majesty’s Theatre are all other historic theatres in the West End.


There are so many romantic things to do in London that it’s hard to pick just one. There is so much to do in the city, from quaint restaurants to lively pubs, historical sites to picture-perfect walks, that you won’t be bored as you walk around. Whatever your idea of romance is, you can find it in London!

Did we miss mentioning anything? Let us know in the comment section.


How to be romantic on a date?

Give your date compliments. Be affectionate. Slowly kiss your date, touch their back, neck, and nape.

What is the secret to a perfect date?

The conversation is the most important.

Talk, laugh about silly things, and enjoy the moment. That would be the perfect date. A conversation that is both smart and funny. Have a great dinner. Take a nice walk and talk about simple things.

What makes a woman feel loved?

Show some tenderness. Make her feel special – go out of your way to make an effort for her. Listen to her and make a mental note of things she’s interested in. When it comes to wowing her on the date and making her feel loved, this will come in handy and she will be impressed at your attentiveness.

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