Unusual Date Ideas in London to Make the Date Interesting


If you’re looking for unique and memorable date ideas in London, check out these eight good date ideas. From lively nightlife to stunning scenery, these ideas will have something for both of you. Whether you’re looking for a quirky date or something new to do in the city, these date ideas are sure to impress.

1) Have a Ping-Pong Date at Bounce

Bounce is a ping-pong bar in London where like-minded people come together and play a game of table tennis. Bounce offers the best service to its customers at affordable rates. We all know that ping-pong is a popular game worldwide, and Bounce has repeatedly brought it back to our living rooms. This bar is designed for players who want an experience which is far more than just playing table tennis.

The venue houses over 20 tables, with each one fitted with its own LED lighting system and disco ball, as well as being soundproofed, giving customers an immersive experience that would be hard to replicate elsewhere. Besides Ping-Pong service, bounce also offers other food and drink, such as cocktails, craft beers and wines.

2) Try Kayaking Down the River Thames

Kayaking down the River Thames is a great way to explore all of London while also getting some exercise. The river winds through the city, and you’ll pass by Buckingham Palace, Parliament, and Big Ben. You’ll be able to experience the history of London along with all its modern attractions.

London has many points of interest along the Thames River, and exploring them all by boat will take a considerable amount of time. You could start at Kew Gardens and end at Tower Bridge, or maybe go from Bishopsgate to Greenwich Pier all in one afternoon. There are many kayaking services that offer guided tours throughout London’s Thames river, but you may also decide to rent your own boat for an independent excursion!

3) Hang Out at Barbican Conservatory

What better way to spend a date in London than at this world-famous location? The Barbican Conservatory is on the city’s outskirts and is worth a visit. The conservatory was established in 1983 as part of the Barbican Centre, which was built by architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon. It’s on London’s Corporation Street, overlooking the River Thames.

The conservatory has an amazing plant collection of over 1,000 plants arranged by geographical regions. It also includes lakes and waterfalls that add to the space’s tranquil atmosphere- perfect for enjoying your date!

4) Try the Skywalk Experience

The London Skywalk is a free-standing transparent glass walkway that juts out and over the side of The Shard. This activity offers you a novel way to experience the city. You can see the views of London’s famous landmarks, including Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, Parliament and much more. You will also get a chance to try out the glass floor, making sure you are safe as you walk on it before continuing on to explore more of The Shard and its exhibitions.

5) Visit the Token Studio

The Token HQ is a leading blockchain innovation company and has opened the Token Studio in Central London. It is an innovation lab bringing together the best entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and content-makers to solve real-life problems through decentralised solutions.

The Token Studio will provide office space, mentoring and access to an innovative community of entrepreneurs who share the same passion for blockchain technology.

6) Enjoy Yourselves in Queens Ice Skating

Queens Ice Skating is not your ordinary ice skating rink. It is one of the largest skating rinks in the world, with a 300m x 100m surface. It includes an outdoor area, which is perfect for those who want to skate outside in the sun or under the stars on clear evenings.

Including a cafe and bar, it’s also a great place to enjoy some hot drinks and food while you skate. The venue provides a wonderful opportunity for all ages and abilities to improve their skills.

7) Immerse in Junkyard Golf Club Crazy Golf

Junkyard Golf Club is a new 18-hole crazy golf course in London. The course is in an abandoned scrapyard, and the game is played on a giant set of disused car seats.

The 18-hole Junkyard Golf Club consists of three themed courses, each with its own characters, challenges and surprises. The ‘Junkyard’ course has some really cool features such as high walls, which are great at keeping your ball in play but can also make it hard to find it sometimes! Junkyard Golf Club is now open to all ages and abilities. So if you’re looking for an event or team-building experience that will have everyone shouting “eureka!” then Junkyard Golf Club might just be for you!

8) Test Your Courage on a Ghost Bus Tour

There are a lot of ghost tours in London, but none are as unique as the All Hallows Ghost Bus Tour. On this tour, you will visit some of the most famous and haunted locations. You will see where Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators plotted to blow up Parliament, where the angel of death flew over plague victims, and from which location the driverless bus on Halloween 1977 crashed.

There are many stories that go with these locations, some gruesome and others just spooky. But whatever your opinion is about ghosts, there is no doubt that this tour will be an experience of a lifetime!

Tips to Make the Date Memorable

For the single person who considers their significant other and wants to have a memorable time on their date, here are some tips for you.

– Keep in mind that your date’s feelings are as important as yours. That means being kind and putting in some effort.

If you’re going to be late, it is better to let your date know in advance rather than waiting for them to reach out. This way, they can do something else before they meet up with you.

– It is always best not to talk about negative things on a date, such as work or past relationships, because this will take away from the positive vibe of the night.


Make the Date Memorable

There are many great ways to do something new on your date in London. Whether you’re looking for a traditional date night or something more adventurous, there’s sure to be something that interests you.

So whether you’re looking for a new place to visit or creative ideas for your next vacation, remember the unusual date ideas listed above!


How to get rid of an awkward atmosphere during your date?

To avoid creating an awkward atmosphere during your date, be sure to avoid doing the following:

  • Bringing up your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend
  • Talking about how you were in a bad mood all-day
  • Asking if they find you attractive or not

How to know if your date was good?

1. Check your date’s body language – If you notice a smile or a laugh following your date, then chances are it was good for them too!

2. Check their reaction – Observe what they do immediately after leaving the date with you (happily walk away or shake hands and leave?). If they hug you goodbye, then chances are that they had a great time!

3. Ask them – They will obviously answer because nobody wants to have an awkward conversation defending themselves on why they had an awful time with someone else on a date.

How to know if your date wants to do something different?

The way to know if your date wants to do something different is to maintain an open and honest dialogue. This includes listening and asking questions. If you are unsure of how to start a conversation, then use the following questions:

  • What was it like?
  • Did you like it?
  • What would you do differently?
  • How did that feel?

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